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2018 Annual Impact Statement: Imagining the Future of Health Care

At Spectrum Health Innovations we examine the problems of today to make health care better for tomorrow. Our 2018 Annual Impact Report showcases many of the amazing achievements from the past year.

We invite you to take a moment and read about:

Carol, a solution to a problem millions of families face keeping loved ones home as long as possible.

An external urinary device (EUD)  specifically designed for women as an alternative to the traditional catheter.

Our patient auto slider that is a simple and effective solution to complex problem that affects both employees and patients.

A new locking specimen lock box based on an idea from a Spectrum Health manager, that holds several lab specimens at a time to protect patient privacy.

We are excited to share these and even more stories with you, please read our full Annual Impact Statement

If you would like to contribute and submit an idea, contact us at or by calling 1-IDEA 616.391.4332.