Spectrum Health Innovations

Spectrum Health Innovations, LLC (SHI) helps lead new health solutions by helping Spectrum Health physicians and staff identify opportunities for innovation and develop and launch novel ideas.

In particular, SHI focuses on the development and launch of promising new health care products and technologies, such as medical devices, surgical tools, nursing products, hospital equipment, therapy equipment and software. SHI aims to develop products and technologies can improve the quality of care at Spectrum Health, many of which may also have broader commercial potential and applicability to health care systems beyond Spectrum Health. Our team is comprised of professionals with deep experience in the development of new technologies and start-up companies. Further, SHI also serves as Spectrum Health’s link to the greater entrepreneurial and product development community, collaborating with entrepreneurs, investors, product development firms, universities, business and technology incubators, software developers and attorneys.

Our capabilities

Spectrum Health Innovations is skilled in assessing new product and technology ideas; performing business analysis, intellectual property assessment, customer and stakeholder validation and competitive research; developing prototypes; launching products; forming start-ups; early stage investing; and intellectual property licensing.

Do you have an idea that could solve a health care problem?

Spectrum Health Innovations is here to help Spectrum Health Employees bring novel ideas to life.

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Spectrum Health Innovations is here to help!