About Us

The SHI Journey

1. Discover

Spectrum Health Innovations (SHI) engages staff from across the Spectrum Health system to identify opportunities to solve clinical problems through the development of new products and technologies.

Are you a Spectrum Health Employee? Submit an idea through the “Contact us” page or attend a brainstorming sessions.

2. Ideate

Spectrum Health Innovations explores the opportunity with relevant stakeholders and identifies what key factors would be included in an optimal solution. Additionally, the innovation team starts initial review of the opportunity, assessing the potential feasibility, desirability and viability of a new solution.

If you would like to get involved as a stakeholder, contact us.

3. Assess and develop collaboration

In this phase the team conducts an in depth analysis from multiple perspectives including; legal, business, and technology. This may include searching for supporting data, stakeholder consensus and existing solutions. The project team conducts a market analysis, patentability search, identifies the FDA classification, prepares a proof of concept road map, seeks customer input, researches ICD /DRG codes, assesses reimbursement requirements and prepares the project plan. Spectrum Health Innovations also consults with the Innovation Committee and internal and external advisory members to gain further insight and guidance.

Spectrum Health Innovations pairs the solution with the appropriate external development partners to bring a solution to life. Partners may include colleges and universities, engineering firms, software developers, or internal resources.

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4. Launch

Launching a project can include multiple scenarios including implementation of the solution internally and/or commercializing a project. This phase may involve seeking exit partners, licensing the technology, negotiating terms, and executing agreements.

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5. Outcomes

The goal of solving any problem is to create a solution that leads to a better outcome. Although, not all ideas will make it through the entire journey, we always start with the perspective that this may be the idea that truly innovates healthcare and supports Spectrum Health’s mission to better the lives of the patients we serve.

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