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Carol Health is ‘A great opportunity’

Have You Heard of Carol Health?

Carol Health is a new on-demand nursing service in West Michigan that sends a RN to your home within an hour. See how Carol has impacted lives already.

Ron Williams, 73, is a proud veteran who has learned to conquer his circumstances. He served in both the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, and he was wounded in Vietnam. A disabled veteran, he is a determined warrior who has learned to overcome many challenges, including trouble with his heart and challenges with mobility.

Carol Health
Photo by Chris Clark/Health Beat

Renee, his only child, is a banking executive who does all she can to help her father retain his independence. Because she has a demanding job, Renee depends on Carol Health, an on-call service whose registered nurses tend to her father’s health care needs almost every weekday.

Carol Health’s registered nurses provide services that include medication checks, vital sign monitoring, wound dressing changes, injections and review of hospital instructions. They also provide personal care for elderly patients, ensuring their safety.

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To learn more about Carol Health:
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