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Welcome To The New Spectrum Health Innovations Blog

Spectrum Health Innovations (SHI) would like to welcome you to our new blog!

This blog is a result of multiple requests and feedback suggesting we need to share what is going on in our Innovations Office. We seek to not only provide you with up to the minute happenings, but more importantly we want to make things happen with you and around you.

Spectrum Health Innovations provides a service to Spectrum Health employees to bring their ideas for improving patient care to our team. We work side by side with employees from that first moment and throughout the entire development process. In a nutshell, it’s all about Impact by making things happen. 

Spectrum Health employees are full of ideas, and Spectrum Health Innovations is full of expertise in areas such as clinical, business, and engineering (check out our team). In turn, the community around us is full of opportunity to move those ideas forward. When you surround a problem or idea with a cross-functional team of experts, things happen. Spectrum Health Innovations has the expertise and resources to make things happen. But don’t just take our word for it:

“The team works great with the health care providers to take ideas from an idea to a solution.” Dr. Chambers

“I could not have done it without them, they pulled a lot of the different teams together and kept me in the loop all along the way.” Mary Tibbe

“What a great benefit for Spectrum Health.” Nancy Bekken

Spectrum Health Innovations recognizes that innovation is a team sport. If you are interested in playing, whether you are a Spectrum Health employee with an idea, have a problem that you would like Spectrum Health Innovations to help ideate around potential solutions, a potential development partner, interested in learning more about what technologies are currently available, or just want to know more, feel free to contact us.