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Through the Spectrum Health Innovations process our team can identify those projects with the most potential for impact. Below are examples of those types of innovations and start ups. Contact us today if you have any questions or want more information.

Pannus Support

Designed to hold the pannus during ultrasound, cath-lab, and other procedures, this innovative support was created to accommodate both patient and healthcare-professional needs with its comfortable fit and easy-to-use straps. The heavy-duty, seatbelt-style straps attach to beds and tables and are adjustable for a more comfortable, secure fit, while the elastic support stretches easily to fit patients. Antimicrobial, fluid-resistant Vestex material adds an extra layer of protection, while the machine washable support is easy to clean after use.

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Airway Innovations


Airway Innovations is a company formed to solve a problem with endotracheal tube (ETT) holders. ETT holders currently on the market do not prevent unplanned removal or extubation of a hospital patient’s breathing tube, which can cause significant airway trauma or death. To solve this problem the team re-thought how the endotracheal tube is held in place as well has how an ETT holder interacts with the patient’s face, increasing stability, strength, and comfort. In doing so, Airway Innovations’ life-saving device is able to reduce the occurrence of unplanned extubations, pressure sores, and skin breakdown.

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Surgical Basin (IASO Medical)

Welcome to IASO Medical, where developing state-of-the-art medical devices, and improving the overall total cost of healthcare around the world, is our passion! 

True Women’s Health

True Women’s Health is a company started by Dr. Diana Bitner with the vision that all women deserve personalized health planning using sound medical knowledge and common sense, taking into each woman’s personal goals and situation.

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Safety Sit


This device provides full back and lateral support, allowing patients to work on their core strength for sooner, and for longer periods at a time, effectively decreasing time in the hospital.

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Directional Angiography Sheath

A new sheath design used for venograms during treatments for patients on dialysis allowing blood to go in both directions.


Morpheus Schedule Builder, LLC

Morpheus was created specifically for acute rehab facilities. This incredible, problem solving, schedule generating software was developed based on the recommendations and detailed input extracted from countless brainstorming sessions with supervisors and directors of acute rehab facilities.

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Stainless Steel Patient Specimen Drop Box

Designed with HIPAA compliance in mind, this innovative drop box has two chutes to hold specimen containers while protecting them from patient interference or view. Several versions available for purchase from MarketLab

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