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Through the Spectrum Health Innovations process our team can identify those projects with the most potential for impact. Below are examples of those types of innovations and start ups. Contact us today if you have any questions or want more information.

Start Ups

The SimPull Patient Transfer is made to perform lateral patient transfers specifically, under the operation of just one clinician, without having to exert any force, or manipulate patients in any way. A qualitative study is currently underway.

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The thermal bra was an idea brought to SHI from a Spectrum Health employee who had breast cancer. Working with a group of Central Michigan University students (now alumni) the team developed a prototype and they recently created a start-up company called Elemental.

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Airway Innovations is a company formed to solve a problem with endotracheal tube (ETT) holders. ETT holders currently on the market do not prevent unplanned removal or extubation of a hospital patient’s breathing tube, which can cause significant airway trauma or death. To solve this problem the team re-thought how the endotracheal tube is held in place as well has how an ETT holder interacts with the patient’s face, increasing stability, strength, and comfort. In doing so, Airway Innovations’ life-saving device is able to reduce the occurrence of unplanned extubations, pressure sores, and skin breakdown.

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This device provides full back and lateral support, allowing patients to work on their core strength for sooner, and for longer periods at a time, effectively decreasing time in the hospital.

Learn more by visiting the Safety Sit website

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On the Market

Pannus Support

Designed to hold the pannus during ultrasound, cath-lab, and other procedures, this innovative support was created to accommodate both patient and healthcare-professional needs with its comfortable fit and easy-to-use straps. The heavy-duty, seatbelt-style straps attach to beds and tables and are adjustable for a more comfortable, secure fit, while the elastic support stretches easily to fit patients. Antimicrobial, fluid-resistant Vestex material adds an extra layer of protection, while the machine washable support is easy to clean after use.

Available for purchase from MarketLab

Suction Supply Receptacle

The Suction Supply Receptacle is designed to better organize suction canisters and their lids. This device allows these items to be more neatly organized and conveniently accessed in a wall-mounted storage device.

Available for purchase from MarketLab

Isolation Gown Storage

The Isolation Gown Storage device is similar to an oversized “Kleenex” box and is designed to house the gowns and prevent several gowns from being pulled out at once.

Available for purchase from MarketLab:
Easy Pull Gown Dispenser
Easy Pull Gown PPE Dispenser

Stainless Steel Patient Specimen Drop Box

Designed with HIPAA compliance in mind, this innovative patient specimen drop box has two chutes to hold specimen containers while protecting them from patient interference or view.

Available for purchase from MarketLab:
White Drop Box
Stainless Steel Drop Box
Specimen Pass-Through Insert


CoverMax Surgical Cap

Designed with AORN in mind, the cap helps prevent microorganisms shed from the skin and hair of perioperative personnel. Made of lightweight, nonwoven fabric that is faster-drying and absorbs almost four times its own weight in moisture. Created with soft elastic that keeps hair securely tucked away.  It is also low-linting, to provide additional protection form surgical wound contamination.

In Use

Port Protector

The port protector was designed to prevent the damage the occurs from the downward force of repeated tugging and lines hanging from, or on, the vacuum or gas devices. Fixing or replacing the port can also lead to shutting down multiple rooms which creates larger scale issues, costs and risks.

3-D Printed Gel Holder

A 3-D printed gel holder for ultrasound carts that was designed to hold the ultrasound gel bottle and provide a place to wrap the electrical cord when going portable.

Probe Holder

The Probe holder is an external rubber grip that fits around the ultrasound probe holder that allows a whole-hand grasp with a power-grip posture the helps reduce hand fatigue. While still allowing the sonographer to make precise moments.

Epilepsy Monitoring Patient Video

Working with the Spectrum Health Epilepsy Monitoring Unit team and students of Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University, this video was designed to help patients and families understand what to expect when they are admitted. Watch the video.

In Development

Osteo Sheath Device

The osteo sheath device is a drywall anchor-like concept, that is used in rotator cuff repair surgeries. It incorporates flanges to ensure it sticks in the softer bone and reduces the need for additional surgeries.

External Urinary Device

The external urinary collection device for females was designed as an alternative to the use of indwelling catheters and briefs. The device helps reduce the occurrence of catheter associated urinary infections.

Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

The new design for the epilepsy monitoring unit room is meant to better support patient mobility, safety and satisfaction during diagnostic EEG and during seizures. Spectrum Health Foundation is currently fundraising for the construction of this room.

Shoulder Brace

The shoulder brace is designed to support people suffering with shoulder instability. It is fully functional, allowing full Range of Motion (ROM) while providing support for anterior, inferior, posterior, and multidirectional instabilities. Genesis Innovation Group.

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