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Out With the Old, In With the New

The most essential part of a sonographers work? Their hands and the tools they use. Without either of these, the work they deliver isn’t up to par.

Medical diagnostic sonographers provide medical professionals the data used to assist in the diagnosis of diseases. Medical professionals highly depend on their images to make accurate diagnoses. Paige Rowland, BS, CNMT, RVT, RDCS, CIIP, regional supervisor, echo/vascular, Spectrum Health employee, understands the importance of the work performed by the sonographers and is continuously seeking innovative ways to improve the tools sonographers are using.

In the past, it was her commitment to her employees and patients that led her to work with Spectrum Health Innovations on the probe holder, which first debuted in March of 2015. Click here to read the original story. You can find these new probe holders in use today at Gerber Hospital, Holland Cardiovascular Imaging (CVI) Department, Bradford CVI Department, West Pavilion CVI Department, and United Hospital.

So far, Paige has received a number of positive reactions from sonographers.

A recent email from a sonographer read,

“Hey Paige…just FYI, I have been using the rubber probe holders at Bradford and I like them.  Helps with the grip and no hand cramping.  I also like the rubber material as it doesn’t get slippery when over gel-ification occurs. I would recommend having them everywhere”.

The success of the project is a result of combining expertise from multiple areas including clinical and non-clinical. Eric Van Middendorp, MSE, and engineer specializing in mechanical and biomedical design at Spectrum Health Innovations used his expertise in designing the probe holder.

Paige is not finished yet! In fact she and Eric just recently developed a new gel holder to go along with the probe holder. The once one and done project has turned into a journey for the two.

The current gel holders are inadequate because they are too shallow and are prone to gel spilling and creates quite a mess for sonographers during the procedure.

Eric, Paige and several sonographers worked together to design a new gel holder. The new gel holder design has the capability to wrap cording around the holder, while securely maintaining the gel bottle. This is especially useful when transporting the cart throughout the hospital for portable ultrasounds.

The new gel holders are in use at the Fred and Lena Meijer Heart Center and Spectrum Health Blodgett Hospital.

Spectrum Health Innovations is here to serve Spectrum Health employees and help advance their ideas. If you are an employee and have an idea please contact us.

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Written by: Felicia Rowley