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Spectrum Health Ideas Gaining Support in the Community

Spectrum Health Innovations (SHI) believes that collaboration in innovation is key to success. Engaging partners within Spectrum Health and externally accelerates the transformation of ideas. Through collaborative initiatives and making the right connections, several employee ideas have been able to advance.

In addition to several industry partners, SHI works with six university and colleges including Grand Valley State University, Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University, Hope College, Central Michigan University, Michigan Technological University, and Michigan State University.

-The Central Michigan University thermal bra team took an idea submitted by Josephine Faber to the New Venture Competition winning 2nd place runner-up. The thermal bra team included Emily Austin, Haley Rusicka, Augusta Overy, and Sue Wroblewski.


-Kendall College Art and Design of Ferris State University student Jacqueline Davis worked on the Neo skin to skin idea, submitted by Benjamin Fleet, competed in the MWest Business Plan Competition winning the healthcare innovation award.


-Michigan Technological University students participated in the MI Tech Design Expo with an idea submitted by Joseph Vettukattil, winning 1st place.


-Spectrum Health Innovations was a recipient of the GVSU Civic Community Engagement Award.


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written by Felicia Rowley