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Annual Impact Report: Innovative Insights Lead to Excellent Health Care

Spectrum Health Innovations is excited to share the highlights from Fiscal Year 2016. The digital impact report highlights several of the accomplishments over the past year. Projects such as the epilepsy monitoring unit, probe and gel holder, scheduling software, and the nasogastric tube holder are to name a few. Working with area development firms and universities has once again illustrated the power of collaboration.

“From these unique collaborations of different perspectives, with a human-centered design approach, are born the exciting designs and prototypes that have the potential to change how we provide care not only here at Spectrum Health, but in health care everywhere.”
Steve Heacock, JD, CPA
President, Spectrum Health Innovations
Senior Vice President, Public Affairs/Research, Spectrum Health System

To view Spectrum Health Innovations’ annual impact report, click here.
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