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Spectrum Health Innovations Featured at GVSU Engineering Design Expo

Spectrum Health Innovations (SHI) believes that collaboration in innovation is key to success. Engaging partners within Spectrum Health and externally accelerates the transformation of ideas. Through collaborative initiatives and making the right connections, several employee ideas have been able to advance.

On Friday August 4th, Eric Van Middendorp, biomedical engineer at Spectrum Health Innovations was featured as a co-op presenter during the forum part of the Grand Valley State University (GVSU) Engineering Design Conference.

Eric is a GVSU alumnus and Spectrum Health Innovation engineer who has led the design and development of medical devices ranging from class II rehabilitation and interventional devices to life-saving class I securement devices. In addition to engineering, Eric has also had success as the CEO and founder of a startup, winning several business plan competitions.

As an active team that regularly works with GVSU on many projects, Eric was more than happy to be featured as one of three speakers for Friday’s event.

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written by Felicia Rowley