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“They are a godsend.”

Have you heard of Carol? Carol is a new on-demand nursing service in West Michigan sends an RN to your home within an hour.

When General Motors retiree Glenda Gravelyn found a post card in her mailbox about Carol Health, she thought, “Thank you, Jesus.”

Just two days earlier, Gravelyn’s doctor said she needed to start giving herself hormone injections instead of getting shots in the doctor’s office.

Photo by Chris Clark/Health Beat
“The day she told me, I was just miserable,” 65-year-old Gravelyn said. “I couldn’t give myself this shot. I hate needles!”

She called Carol Health’s phone number for more information and then made the request online. A short time later, a registered nurse arrived on her doorstep.

“End of story. Life has been wonderful ever since,” Gravelyn said.

Now she requests a Carol Health nurse every eight weeks. The RN arrives within an hour to administer the hormone injection prescribed by Gravelyn’s doctor. The medicine relieves extreme menopause symptoms triggered by a hysterectomy.

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To learn more about Carol Health:
Call 1-888-68-CAROL