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Vlog: Who Is Spectrum Health Innovations?

Spectrum Health Innovations is so excited to have this opportunity to share with you all of the great things going on with regards to innovations within health care. It is our desire to tap into the entrepreneurial, innovative spirit and build a meaningful relationship with you. Recognizing that innovation has so many moving parts and involves so many people, we thought a video might be the best way to share our part in this eco-system. Watch the video below and Contact Us for more information.



Spectrum Health Innovations works with Spectrum Health staff members to develop new health care products and technologies, such as medical devices, surgical tools, nursing products, hospital equipment, therapy equipment, and software. Spectrum Health Innovations provides the expertise, resources, and connections needed to bring product and technology ideas from concept to reality.



For more information and up-to-date happenings with Spectrum Health Innovations, follow us on Twitter @SH_Innovate.